Hey, I'm Shane 👋

I Help eCommerce Brands Grow Profitably with Growth Marketing

By increasing revenue, customer LTV, brand loyalty & delivering personalised customer experiences at scale.

Boost your DTC Brand's growth

Email Marketing

➤ Craft a retention program that enhances lead capture, nurtures customers with lifecycle marketing and builds brand loyalty through personalisation.
➤ Own your audience and increase LTV through automated email lifecycle marketing covering all stages of the customer journey.

Paid Advertising

➤ Google Shopping & Search Ads.
➤ Facebook & Instagram Ads.
➤ TikTok Ads.


Worked with over 30 direct-to-consumer brands around the world helping optimise various marketing channels. Here’s some brands I’ve been lucky enough to work with. Case studies on request.  

Client Testimonials

Shane was great to work with and is a really nice person to deal with. Awesome communicator too. He set up our pretty complex flows in Klaviyo without any issues and was able to help us with any technical issues we had with our dev team. Even though he was in a different time zone to us (he's in Ireland and we're in Australia), we were still able to get everything done without any problem. I will definitely work with him again and I'd highly recommend him."
Susan C
Bright Star Kids
"Shane has exceeded my expectations! Not only is he always available to chat through questions and offer advice, he is also super cooperative and is always up to the task at hand. With his knowledge and eagerness to take on feedback, he has been an absolute dream to work with!"
Renee L
Mia Fratino
"Shane has just delivered a very impressive audit of Klaviyo email automation infrastructure. His observations and recommendations are on point, thorough, concise, make perfect sense, and a testament to his expertise and specialization in email automation for large scale e-commerce stores."
Tim A

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