Growth Marketing For eCommerce Brands

Helping direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands scale profitably by maximising owned marketing channels.

Owned Marketing Channels Should Generate 30% of Total Revenue

To achieve this, we offer eCommerce email + SMS marketing automation for Shopify merchants.

We are...

Data driven

Email/SMS Marketing As A Profit Lever

Did you know it costs up to 5x more to acquire a new customer then it is to retain an existing customer?

We'll help you...

Increase profit
Increase retention rate & customer LTV
Build long term brand loyalty & advocacy

We Leverage Automated Lifecycle Marketing To Drive Growth 🚀

The old strategy of sending email blasts to your entire list doesn't work anymore.

Using our framework we'll help your brand create personalised customer relationships by sending the right message to the right customer at the right stage of their customer lifecycle.

Core Services

Audit & Strategy

We'll carry out a detailed audit of your existing account and strategy. We'll report on any issues and opportunities along with providing a tailored strategy for success.

Reporting & Analytics

Analysing and making data driven decisions is a key success factor. We'll use the data to optimise your account, while also provide monthly reporting on key metrics.

Lifecycle Email Automation

We'll implement a lifecycle email automation system in Klaviyo. We'll execute on everything including strategy, copy, creative design and technical implementation.

SMS Marketing

We'll create hyper-segmented SMS campaigns that will engage customers and drive new revenue. We're Postscipt SMS certified but we also work with Klaviyo SMS.

Campaign Management

We'll use past data to segment your audience. Then we'll send highly targeted and tailored campaigns centered around content, sales events and new promotions.

Segmentation, AB Testing & Optimization

We'll segment your customer base so your messages are highly relevant and targeted. We'll analyse and optimise everything through AB testing.

Who's Behind OwnedGrowth

Hey, Shane Mulcahy here.

I turned my passion for eCommerce, marketing and entrepreneurship into this boutique eCommerce consultancy.

We help DTC eCommerce brands scale profitably by maximising their owned marketing channels.

We’re Klaviyo partners and Postscript SMS certified.

We leverage Klaviyo’s incredibly powerful automation and segmentation capabilities along with it’s data driven approach. This allows us to deliver amazing customer experiences across email & SMS channels. It’s easily one of the best marketing ROIs.

In the beginning I started out on Upwork and quickly achieved the Top Rated badge and a 100% job success rating. You’re in safe hands but don’t just take my word for it, see some of the testimonials below.  


See what clients are sayings

"Shane has just delivered a very impressive audit of Klaviyo email automation infrastructure. His observations and recommendations are on point, thorough, concise, make perfect sense, and a testament to his expertise and specialization in email automation for large scale e-commerce stores."
Tim Altman
"Shane has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is clearly an expert in his field. His audit of our current system blew us away with the amount of depth and detail it contained. He also helped us optimise all of our existing flows and built out some new ones that have immediately started providing value. I would definitely recommend working with Shane!"
Joe Kerns
"Shane has exceeded my expectations! Not only is he always available to chat through questions and offer advice, he is also super cooperative and is always up to the task at hand. With his knowledge and eagerness to take on feedback, he has been an absolute dream to work with!"
Renee Landers
Mia Fratino
"I'm so lucky to have found Shane as he was just what I needed to take control of my email marketing! He did a perfect job, set up all the campaigns I wanted + gave suggestions on email flows that I should also add to my system."
Stefan Jovanovic
"Shane is a definite 5/5! He is extremely detail oriented and always delivers. Even being in different time zones, the results were absolutely frictionless."
Paolo Medrano
"Excellent Work, Shane achieved the increased conversions"
Mitch Su

Success Stories

160% Increase in Flow Revenue

Started working with a Shopify Plus brand at the beginning of Q3 2020 (1 July).

When we started working with this client they were driving $112k in monthly revenue attributed to automated email flows. Within 3 months we increased this to $321k per month from email automation.

Automated email flow revenue was up 160% in the first 90 days in comparison to the previous 90 days.

Within 90 days, their total email marketing (flows & campaigns) attributed revenue increased by 69% for Q3 in comparison to Q2.

We achieved this by adding additional key automation flows and optimising their existing flows.

The beauty of automated lifecycle marketing when done correctly is it's fully automated and will continue to drive this increased revenue every month for the client

$100k Increase In Monthly Revenue Attributed To Flows

Started working with another Shopify Plus brand in August 2020.

Increased their email marketing revenue by 34% within 3 months in comparison to the previous 3 months.

Before starting work on this account, the client was driving $410K in monthly revenue directly from automated email flows and within 90 days we increased this to $510k per month from automation flows.

This is fully automated and will continue to drive this increased revenue every month going forward for the client.

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